2023 Day of Caring in the News

by Anjolina Fantaroni

SOUTHBRIDGE- The United Way of South Central Massachusetts hosts Day of Caring

The United Way of South Central MA hosted its16th annual Day of Caring in surrounding towns on Friday, June 23. With over 130 volunteers, the United Way provided opportunities in Southbridge, Sturbridge, Charlton, Dudley, and Webster to beautify and accomplish service in the area.

The day began on the Southbridge Town Common at 8:00 a.m., with a breakfast provided by a local restaurant—Josh’s Place. After a welcome message from Executive Director Mary O’Coin, a group picture was taken, and volunteers left to engage in projects by 9:00 a.m..

Project locations included the Southbridge Tri-Community YMCA, Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge Chamber of Commerce, and Webster Middle School. 5 to 8 volunteers were stationed at each location helping with projects such as landscaping, making gift kits, tree planting, and painting.

United Way of South Central MA President, Denise Gorski said the day is all about helping different agencies with projects that are much needed.

“It makes everyone feel good that they’re doing it for non-profits,” Gorski said. “Every year it gets better.”

The Southbridge Tri-Community YMCA on-site volunteer work included shoveling fresh wood chips on the playground for safer play. Several volunteers as well as children took part in the process.

Eleven year old Keaton Daun volunteered for Day of Caring, helping with perfecting the playground environment.

“It feels good helping people. My favorite part is connecting with others and making a safe place,” Daun said. His family were among others volunteering at the YMCA location.


The day was sponsored by Savers Bank, Karl Stortz, Rotary Club of Southbridge, Josh’s Place, and Chef Letendre.